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About GST
GST has it's roots in Germany but thanks to the named and unnamed people supporting this site. GST is doing it's best to inform you about the latest soccer transfers and soccer news regarding transfers from all around the world. You are welcome to send us transfers from your club, city, region or country. The more transfers send from all around the world the more information for everyone.


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Official Homepage for the market's best soccer manager simulation page - the "Championship Manager". In Germany known as "Meistertrainer". You don't know the game? A mistake! Test it!

Legends Of Football.com
This site is dedicated to the greatest players ever. Greatest goals can be downloaded.

You are soccermaniac no.

GlobalSoccerTransfers is closed
After I stopped the updating in 2004 I decided to stop it totally now. It took just too much time for one single person. I want to thank all those people who supported me and the site and those who still inform me about transfers around the world. A comeback might be possible. I am terribly sorry for letting you down.

Christian Meyer


Site news
Globalsoccertransfers received an award.

Couldn't update the site tomorrow and won't be able to do it before Wednesday the 21th April.

Added a few transfers. Next update will be on 18th April with monthly site change.

Again a delay. 14th April update has been postponed until 15th April. Sorry but I have to work. I have to apologize for it but I will support you on tomorrow and on the coming weekend.

Next update on 14th April.
Last updates had been canceled as I went on a little holiday.

7th April update has been postponed until 8th April.

Manager and coaches looking for new job
New on GlobalSoccerTransfers you will find a shortlist here for manager and coaches who are unemployed or want a new challenge.
Click for shortlist

Every year teams and player arrange transfer pre-contracts for the transfer window in summer. These transfers will take place on 1st July which is the day the transfer window opens.
Click here for the summer transfer.

17-11-2003 : Nigeria or a country needs a new manager(coach)
I received an e-mail with the following content which is in general that Nigeria is looking for a new manager(coach).

"Nigeria - Looks for Coach. Nigeria, one of the big names in African soccer is looking for a new coach for the 'Super Eagles, the National Squad. The Nigerian Football Association The chairman of the Nigerian Football Association (NFA).said applications for the seat should register now. The board decided that coaches from countries that share some similar... -> more <-

Latest agreed top transfers





David James

West Ham Utd(Eng)

Manchester City(Eng)


Marco Streller

FC Basel(Swi)

VfB Stuttgart(Ger)


Caio Rebeiro Decoussau "Caio"

Inter Milan(Ita)

Rot-Weiß Oberhausen(Ger)


Edgar Davids


FC Barcelona(Spa)


Kleber Giacomace Souza Freitas "Kleber"

Sao Paulo(Bra)

Dinamo Kiev(Ukr)


Hidetoshi Nakata

AC Parma(Ita)



Rivaldo Vítor Borba Ferreira "Rivaldo"




Antti Okkonen


Landskrona BoIS(Swe)


Markus Feulner

Bayern München(Ger)

1.FC Köln(Ger)


Kim Källström

Djurgardens IF(Swe)

Stade Rennes(Fra)


Fernando Santos "Fernando"


TSV 1860 München(Ger)


Takis Fyssas




Hidetoshi Nakata

AC Parma(Ita)



Afonso Alves Martins Junior "Afonso Alves"

Atletico Mineiro(Spa)

Malmö FF(Swe)


Bosko Balaban




Latest top transfer rumours

Miroslav Klose – from 1.FC Kaiserslautern(Ger) to Borussia Dortmund(Ger)
Fabien Barthez – from Manchester Utd(Eng) to Manchester City(Eng)
"Diego" – from FC Santos(Bra) to Tottenham Hotspurs(Eng), Juventus(Ita) or Inter Milan(Ita)
"Fabiano" – from FC Santos(Bra) to AC Milan(Ita) or Manchester Utd(Eng)
Finidi George – from un-attached to Real Mallorca(Spa)
Michael Owen – from Liverpool(Eng) to Real Madrid(Spa)
Arne Friedrich – from Hertha BSC Berlin(Ger) to Bayern München(Ger)
Yildiray Bastürk – from Bayer Leverkusen(Ger) to Fenerbahce(Tur)
Alan Smith – from Leeds Utd(Eng) to Liverpool(Eng)
Chris Kirkland – from Liverpool(Eng) to Manchester City(Eng) – GBP 4 million
Thierry Henry – from Arsenal London(Eng) to FC Barcelona(Eng)
"Rivaldo" – from AC Milan(Ita) to Liverpool(Eng)
Damien Duff – from Blackburn Rovers(Eng) to Manchester Utd(Eng) or Chelsea(Eng)
Thierry Henry – from Liverpool(Eng) to Real Madrid(Spa)
Kevin Kuranyi – from VfB Stuttgart(Ger) to FC Schalke(Ger)
Rafael van der Vaart – from Ajax Amsterdam(Hol) to Manchester Utd(Eng) or AC Milan(Ita)

" On the bench "

" Dear soccerfan ! "
" Dear GST visitor ! "
First of all I want to apologize for the latest update problems. At the moment I am working on the site alone and as I am not doing it as a full time job my time to keep the transfers up-to-date is short. The delays had been caused by the transfer overload. There will be less transfers now as the transfer window in Europe closes which gives me the time to bring the transfers up-to-date. This apologize also includes the delay of site's planned and announced new look. I count on your understanding and loyalty.

Your webmaster.
" You are wanted ! "
Don't ask what GST can do for you, ask what you can do for GST. First of all I want to thank those who supported and support GST. A few weeks ago I asked you to help me on the future on GST by sending me your wishes and demands for improvements. I want to thank those who did it. Now I am asking again for doing me that favour as there was just a short time to send wishes and demands at the last time. It's a chance to send missed out ideas for those who participated and new ideas for those who missed their chance. You can send me your feedback as e-mail or post and discuss it in the forum.

Your webmaster
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